Music Company – Destiny Rescue

Over the weekend, the Music Company headed East to visit YWAM Brisbane and meet with our partners Destiny Rescue in the city. God has been stirring our hearts for the lost and reminding us that as Christians, we have something valuable to give to people. We packed up and set off with very few plans, and a desire to let God lead.


On Friday night, we attended an evening with Tony Kirwan, founder of Destiny Rescue. Hearing stories from the front line, each of us were inspired by the heart of one man who stared injustice in the face 14 years ago and simply said “No”. The evening served as a welcome reminder of the difference we can make by simply starting and doing what we can. After a talk from Tony, a silent auction was held to raise funds for specific needs within the organisation. Over $5000 was raised, including the funding for one rescued girl to study nursing! It was a privilege to meet existing advocates and share with one another how we’re using our various gifts to help the cause.


We had a great weekend putting into practice what God’s been saying, and also taking some time getting to know one another a little better. Here’s a testimony from one of our team members:

“I met some young Europeans – a guy and a girl volunteering in Australia. While we were chatting, I felt God say to ask the guy about his family back home. At first he avoided the question, but soon began to open up about his family. My heart felt heavy as he spoke of sickness, depression and abuse as if there was no hope. I asked him if we I could pray for his family, so we joined together and asked God to break through into this situation. I shared the Gospel with them both, and got to speak truth into their lives. It’s amazing the lengths God will go to for those he loves.

There’s no telling what kind of seeds we scatter when we are willing to let God lead. My friend on the street was introduced to a God who sees and cares about him this weekend. And that’s a gift I just can’t keep to myself.”

As a Music Company, we’ve been encouraged that our gifts have a place in the missions field, and we will continue to raise up ‘musicianaries’ for the Kingdom.