Team East Timor Update

The Thailand team is all doing well and have enjoyed their first week of ministry in Bahareduk. They have been building blocks for houses as well as working in the garden during the mornings and visiting houses, playing with kids, praying for people etc. in the afternoons. They have had some amazing times praying for people and spending time with the people. The students have been serving and working with so much joy and team unity is really high.


A few days ago the team had an awesome spirit led ministry afternoon. A team member tells the story.

“We went for a prayer walk and ended up being stopped by a women whose baby we had prayed for the night before. She ran out of her house and waved us over and began to explain how her baby had been healed. This opened the door for some awesome conversation and the women was explaining how she believes Jesus is God and how in the past she would have gone to a witch doctor for the baby to be healed but after she came to an evening church service where Gabbi shared the Gospel she knew Jesus could heal, we prayed for her baby, the baby got healed and now she knows that Jesus is the one who brings healing and joy and peace. SHE BELIEVES IN JESUS! YAY. After leaving that home we ran into another women who asked us to come and pray at her house, after spending some time praying and explaining the gospel to a small group of women two ladies gave their lives to Jesus. From there we were taken to one of the new believers sisters houses to pray for her daughter. We are still interceding for the healing of that little girl, however in the same home two other babies with fevers received healing after we prayed. It has been fun and a blessing to watch what Jesus is doing. It is clear that there is hunger here and we are excited to continue to have discipleship conversations with other people in the village who are in the process of understanding who Jesus is.”


During their time in Bahareduk, the team leaders had the wonderful opportunity of dedicating some babies.


They will be in Bahareduk for another week and then they will go to Dili, the capital city of East Timor for the remainder of their time in East Timor.