Team Thailand Update

The Thailand team spent their first week in a village on a mountain range about an hour and a half outside Chiang Mai. They visited families in the village, played worship for them and shared testimonies. They also worked to improve some of the homes and gardens in the area. The team is excited for what Jesus is going to do in this community.


In their second week of outreach, they visited many homes and shared the gospel with the Karen people of Northern Chiang Mai. A team member states,

“It has been a privilege hearing their stories and praying for them.”


After their time in Northern Chiang Mai, the team spent a week working on a farm that provides discipleship and job training for ex-cons. During their time, they planted many banana trees, prepared rice fields for irrigation and had a few days of children’s ministry and evangelism. A team member states,

“My biggest takeaway from our times was that as long as I show up and make a genuine effort to love people, Holy Spirit will do the rest.”


In Chiang Mai, the team did ministry in the red light district. They gave out tracks and had many incredible conversations. They were surprised by how willing people were to hear the gospel. One man in particular asked the team question after question about how the gospel works and what Christians believe. They were able to explain who Jesus is and what He has done for us. A team member states,

“I was again blown away by the goodness of God. After talking we prayed for him and he experienced the Holy Spirit. He looked confused and surprised by what he was feeling and we told him it was the power of God. That kind of thing has happened a few times now. I love seeing people experiencing the reality of God for the first time. I’m praying that man and the others we talked to continue to discover more of the gospel.”