“As a Christian, I am acutely aware of the urgent needs around the world, and the reality that the worldwide cry for change can only be met through Jesus’ power and love. I spent many years of my life wanting to help make a difference, but not knowing where to start. On DTS, I discovered that I could make a difference, by using the gifts I had to channel God’s character. On outreach, I witnessed first-hand the power of mercy ministry, as my heart was set ablaze for all nations and people. I learnt that it all boils down to loving the ‘one’ right in front of you, and as I practically displayed the Gospel through caring for the sick, praying for people and building houses, it struck me that the Gospel can be communicated in many ways. My staff and fellow students were a great encouragement as I explored my gifts, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by people carrying a heart for different areas of society.

Now on staff at YWAM Toowoomba, I am championing artists to do the same, continuing to love the ‘one’, and very grateful that I have an outlet here to pursue my passions.”

Nathan – Mercy and Music Company

“From the landscape, to the wildlife, to the people, this place is absolutely beautiful. There are constant reminders of how great of a creator God really is. Spending quiet time outside on the base is one of the greatest ways to sit and connect with Him. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by how beautiful the scenery is or how wonderful the people are. Even after two days of just orientation, guidelines, and ice-breakers I can tell that there is no place I’d rather do my DTS.All of the people here, both staff and students, have clearly come with such hunger and vulnerability and I can’t wait to see how God shows up among us. Also, the amount of pure talent here is crazy. There are some very gifted musicians, and I love getting to be a part in the random jam sessions and worship in our free time. This is a community that I feel so blessed to be in.”

Marrisa – OH, United States

“DTS was incredible! God revealed a lot about Himself- and myself- to me and taught me how to be confident in things He has called me to. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and trust in Him for the rest. This time has definitely helped me to figure out what I can do to bring His good news to people; especially in ways that I didn’t think I could.

John – CA, United States